The Paper

News from 100+ years ago, reproduced and delivered via email

The Paper is a weekly newsletter covering past events through the lens of the newspapers. Each issue covers one event from history and contains curated newspaper articles from the day it happened, reproduced in an email.

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UPDATE: please follow our instagram account @papernewsletter. We're going to do a series there called THEN AND NOW, where we post pictures of places today and show the exact locations 100-200 years ago. Hey everyone! Excited to share a hobby that I've enjoyed for a while now. To me, history books often paint an idealized or smoothed picture of past events. So I supplement this learning with old newspapers so that I can learn more about the public opinion on the actual day these things were happening. But this is a very time consuming hobby, as finding these newspapers is not as easy as finding today's newspapers. So now, you don't have to! It's all in this newsletter. Each week we're going to cover a different historical event, but not just the usual stuff. We'll look at events which decades and centuries have washed away. One such example is the antitrust case that the US brought against Standard Oil in the early 1900's. In that issue, we'll explore the case itself and then take a journey through the tabloids that covered it. There are a lot of parallels between that case and certain tech companies today that I've found interesting and am excited to discuss. But that's just one of our upcoming issues. We'll also discuss other topics, like various assassinations, wars, and elections, as well as more niche events like the day New York's boroughs came together to form one city. If you're a fan of history or business, or just want a fresh perspective on the world, please sign up!
@matthew_robert_kochakian love the concept, great job! I was doing something similar collecting historical sales letters!
@matthew_robert_kochakian This is great. Newspapers tell a whole different kind of story to books. Can't wait to see where you take this.
@frcbls Thanks Ferruccio! What kind of sales letters? I think things from the past in general are pretty cool.
@tracey Thanks Tracey! I agree and can't wait as well ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
@matthew_robert_kochakian Incredible, I love this so much!!! Especially that article on Penn Station!
Timehop but for newspapers ๐Ÿ˜ฎ cc @jwegener
@jwegener @rrhoover a blast from the past!
I'm in, or whatever the cool phrase was in the early 1900s. Even with all the advanced email and web design over the years I still find simple text/typeface combined with a powerful image to be soothing way to digest a topic.
@jd_yaguara ๐Ÿ˜„ totally agree and on an unrelated note I think that's why there has been quite a push towards minimalism in many aspects of culture, not just software design.
I am so excited for this! :)
@lassekalkar thanks mate ๐Ÿ˜‰
such a great idea!