The Packing List is designed for people who travel. It gives you a checklist - or create your own! - of all the important things to consider and pack before traveling.

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I use Google Keep for that. Any notes app do the job... :/
@valdecarpentrie Hi Valentin! Thanks for the feedback! We also used generic note taking apps before building the app. However, I think generic note taking apps can fall short in a few aspects, but I'd like to get your opinion! What kind of items/to-dos/categories do you usually include in your packing lists on Google Keep (do you use categorization?)? For the particular use case of a packing list, would you make any changes to Google Keep? In our experience and based on the feedback that we've gotten so far, by focusing on packing lists we can make certain trade-offs that a generic note taking app can't. As we learn more about how our product is used, we can keep improving it without having to worry about a gazillion different ways in which people could decide to build a list. E.g.: - We can provide packing templates or suggestions that could save users a lot of time when creating their lists (we have only 1 template so far, but we could double down on this) - Eventually we could consider the duration of the trip, weather at destination, activities, etc. to improve those suggestions (several packing apps do this already) - We can provide categories, which is useful to get organized when packing but not so much other kind of lists - We can have information associated to items such as quantity, where it's packed, etc. As I mentioned on my other message this is an MVP: we are still learning and trying to figure out if we can build a product that people want to use for packing list making. We will see what happens :) Thanks! Facundo
@valdecarpentrie same here. I already have my packing checklist in Apple Notes.
@valdecarpentrie Same. I use a text file. I like that Packing List has a duplicate feature - that's something I do with my packing lists. I liked to keep my old ones - ostensibly for comparison but I can't say I've actually done that yet. Maybe something I'd like on my packing list is to know how much each item weighs to reach a total but... I am not actually going to weigh everything. I do keep a note of how much my final packed bags weighed (before and after). And what I bought on the trip.
This would definitely replace my paper-lists! Is it available for Android as well?
@meineleserei Hi Petra! So true! It's definitely a lot easier to duplicate a previous list on your phone than on paper :). Unfortunately we don't have an Android version yet, maybe soon!
@meineleserei It’d be cool if Product Hunt let you choose which devices you have so it could automatically filter your list based on the links added to the product. That way, Android users wouldn’t have to see any iOS-only apps, and vice-versa. Or, flexible filters could replace the multi-list concept altogether! Imagine filtering by devices/platforms, categories, etc. so you could see all the tech/games/podcasts that are made for devices you own, in one list.
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@meineleserei @imakestrides I picked iPhone as a topic but it looks like it's still confusing. I went ahead and added "for iOS" to the title of the app, maybe that helps a little bit :)
@facuberte Oh, it's definitely not you! I just feel like I see the "Is it on Android?" question every day on PH, so it was more a general idea of how they could make it easier to focus on products that are made for the devices we each use. Nice job on the app by the way!
Hi! The Packing List is a side project we are doing for fun. We usually forget stuff (or stress about forgetting), especially when we travel, and we wanted to build an easy to use app so that we can always remember to bring along everything that’s important. We’re still trying to see if there’s actual potential for a longer-term project. The app is still an MVP, but it delivers the basics! Today we shipped iCloud sync for our premium users :) Please tell us what you think, and let us know your feedback!
The design is REALLY nice and clean. Well done!
Nice job, well done! One issue: is it possible to make it support older iOS versions?
@zsadigov Thanks! What iOS version would you like to have support for? To be honest with iOS 9 at less than 9% of the install base of iOS, and all the previous ones below 2% makes it hard to provide support to them, the upside of getting part of that user base vs the cost of providing support & maintaining it does not seem worth the effort. I got the numbers from here:
@facuberte I totally understand you. I am using iOS 10.1.1. I would be happy, if you decide to support this version in future.