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We built The Outbound to spread the excitement of travel and adventure, whether just down the street or across the globe, by inspiring people to discover, explore, and share their favorite activities and local playgrounds.

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Been following these guys for a while. A great resource for adventure addicts (like myself). They released a new design yesterday.
Been a user of the outbound for a while now... have loved what they've been able to unlock with activities/info that are normally pretty hard to find and intimidating to try out. Also, their photography is amazing for being all user-generated, really inspiring.
Thanks @bbdddeeegg, glad you're liking it.
Woah, awesome to see this on PH. I've also been following The Outbound for some time through their beta, and it looks like they've come a LONG way. For me, this site had reduced friction around Thursday evening when it's time to plan a weekend adventure. Alternatives like Alltrails are good if you know what you're looking for, but otherwise it's often information overload. These folks get it, and have helped me find some pretty killer spots in Big Sur and the Sierras. Can't wait to see what happens with more user content starts spilling in!
Thanks @chris_hoog, stoked you were able to find some great stuff. We're adding a ton of new content nationally/internationally - should be fun.
@chris_hoog, I second what u mentioned about reducing friction around Thursday evening. Can I ask you if you also stay overnight when going on an outdoor adventure or is it simply a day trip?
Congrats to @bheiff on the recent update! What's next for The Outbound and where does it aim to fit in the constellation of on- to offline experience communities / products?
Thanks @dshan! We'll be following up this redesign with a mobile app. Beyond that, we're looking at interesting ways of unlocking all of the highly fragmented, local knowledge that exists in the outdoors. If you've tried looking for it, it's a pretty unpleasant experience. We're taking a more local/casual approach to the "outdoors." We understand that our typical user is probably more interested in finding a new after-work run or cool sunset hike, than climbing Everest. Our goal is to build the go-to, community-driven platform for outdoor discovery. Our community is everything to us - they create all of our amazing content and they really set the tone across the site.
What an awesome update. (Have been a beta user since the old version). *Makes me want to explore the outdoors* The best and most consistent emotion/feeling I get from using is a powerful, almost spiritual urge to get out of my chair, turn around and walk..then RUN to the nearest lake/mountain/city trail/secret outdoors spot I found to have some kind of outdoors adventure. *Started a Saturday hiking habit* With my gf, it's become a habit where every Saturday morning, we wake up, then look at hikes and depending on how much free time we have, we can quickly pick a new and awesome hike...and sort by distance and difficulty easily. The amazing quality of the content (photos and descriptions) provide just enough adrenaline to kick us out of bed. *Epic Content* The site does a great job of showcasing and attracting amazing outdoors photographers and experts to create a set of content that I often can't believe is user generated. Highly recommend following them on Instagram too...such sick content there and on the site! *Has to be a great team* Have been a fan of the concept for a while but am now a lover of the product and a fan of the team. To echo what someone mentioned above...WOW have they come a long way and it's clear they've been talking to users and continue to build a product to for all of us
@makanikai, thanks so much! if we're inspiring people like yourself to get outside, we feel like we're doing our job.