The ORY Editor

Next-gen content editor for the browser: WYSIWYG on steroids

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Hallowed are the ORY
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@wfb this comment made my morning
Looks cool! Is there integration with Wordpress yet?
@ghundermark not yet, but definitely an area we will explore! We also love contributions, if you want to take a look for yourself :)
I don't get it - why are you reinventing the wheel? Why JSON? What's wrong with CSS and standards-compliant XML transformations? Do you build your own processing engine? Why?
When the page loaded it said "An editable" and "Another editable". Is that meant to do that?
@rossdcurrie FOUC, flash of Unstyled content. A simple UI bug, easy to miss when you are developing on your local machine. I am sure the maker will fix it.
@rossdcurrie the content is rendered in the browser, causing the short flash in the beginning which is the initialization phase. in production you would pre-render your content server side and this would not happen
Good work πŸ‘