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All the ambient noise of co-working spaces, online. Don't look for a co-working space anymore!


Maksim Razbo
Holger Sinn


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JJ@just2jays · Full-Stack Web Developer
I dig it! Would love some rain/thunder ⛈ in the mix as well.
Rami M. Amin@rmtux · Not a Growth Hacker
It seems like a virtual white noise productivity generator. Did I get it right?
Ken Cucchia
Ken Cucchia@kcucchia · Entrepreneur l ICO Adviser l Investor
A+ for creativity
Kyle Conarro
Kyle Conarro@conarro · Co-Founder @ Ad Reform / Userfeed
Very cool! I like the simplicity
Beverly Tan
Beverly Tan@beverlytanfilm · I make videos and write. 100% hireable
"companion" I love it! I agree with @just2jays, rain would be really great!