The Open Guide to Equity Compensation

Stock options, RSUs, taxes — a guide for humans

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This guide is a short but thorough overview of how stock options, RSUs, and taxes work. Our idea was to shed light on an opaque topic by summarizing dozens of blogs and other sources. It aims to help anyone who has or is considering a tech job, but may be of value to founders and hiring managers too. It's free. The format is also important. It's not a blog but an “open source” guide, so it is living and improving on GitHub — really helpful for complex topics like this one, since it pools expertise from many people. It's been well received by Hacker News readers, and now we'd love to get thoughts and feedback from the PH community!
@bentossell I guess it's all how you want do define "product" versus "book". :) The Guide essentially is like an online book, but a "living" one, where we use GitHub's workflow to make improvements as well as host it. It's also a curated resource list, since it has many links. We could easily make it an e-book, and might do that, but the living version is in many ways more interesting.
Hmm this isn't really a book @joewallin @ojoshe But @lpolovets hunted it this morning and I removed for not being a product, it's more related here. Would you guys consider publishing as an ebook one day?