the open diaries

A beautiful place to write your thoughts & share your story

An app/website for writing a diary in a clean, beautiful space, allowing you to share your stories with others. You can also change the theme to set your mood and send your future self a reminder of this day. You can also keep a note private.
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All of us have thoughts cluttered in our minds, and sometimes, all we need is a vent to nudge them out... With The open diaries, we want to help people do just that; reflect on their thoughts. Why open, you may ask? Well, sometimes, people just want to be heard, and not be Judged. Be it a joy or sorrow, to know that there are others just like them in this world echoing the same thoughts in their head, is a wonderful feeling to have. For those of you curious about our business model, let me tell you a secret :) There is no business model! Its a not for profit, free forever app. I created this app with the intention of helping people by listening to them, knowing how the world is like for them. From you product hunters, I am looking for Suggestions and Feedbacks to improve this further and make it even more beautiful. Every tiny contribution matters.

Expressions and feelings are not under patent right. Not for Pandits.Give people a chance to select their own letters. Be democratic.


Like a broom or a cleansing milk, you can free up every day junks.


Don't compel people to think in desi and write in foreign. Let people have their freedom to choose their own tongue.

Very good digital social initiative


Gives the feel of an actual diary, reminds me of amazon kindle.. Good social app :)


It would be good if something communities can be created and joined

Hey folks :) Whacky or brilliant,..crazy or meh,...0 or 10..whatever it may be,... your 2 cents of opinion is invaluable to The Open diaries ;) So bring it on ! Unleash the inner critic in you !
Little feedback to your app icon for iOS and Android: "Tod" means "death" in German and I think that doesn't match that well with your project :) And great project idea!