The Oomph

The worlds fastest hand powered portable coffee maker.

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Yay, new coffee brewing methods! ☕️ 👓 But, I have to wonder - how does it differentiate from the age-old Aeropress?
@lukasfittl I can't see a difference. Aeropress is like highly praised and reviewed forever.
@johnnyquachy @lukasfittl it looks to me that you use the very same container to carry and drink from. That is, it is self-contained. It is hard to see in the attached video but it is better explained in the Kickstarter video.
@luisobo @lukasfittl oooo I see! so more mobile cool
It's Monday... Coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee ☕️
@bentossell Everyday is coffee day :)
@bentossell Every day of the year is coffee day!
It's main differences with aero press I can see @lukasfittl and @johnnyquachy is that 1) it includes the container for the extracted coffee, 2) somewhat more complicated (easier to break?), 3) build in filter ? My main question though - does the coffee taste better then aero press. Most coffee in big chain coffee places isn't actually that great. Aero press beats it each time for me.
Interesting product. As a coffee aficionado (did i really just say that?) i think this has a lot to offer and has a lot of benefits that can compare to Aeropress. It's going to be hard to get into the Aeropress fan's mind but it has a lot to offer like i said. Only time will tell if its actually good or worth it after a large amount of people have tried and tested it and really tested it against the mighty Aeropress. Obviously this offers a more travel-friendly product but it looks quite bulky and not sure how many people will take it on their commute. It can be good for business travel though.
I just recently purchased an Aeropress and can't see any reason I Would purchase this instead. What are the main differentiators between the two products? On another note the Aeropress makes great coffee. Highly recommended. ☕️