The One Project

Use the healing power of photography ❤️ for mental health 🧠

The One Project is building a new community and language around mental health by tapping into therapeutic photography techniques.

We have more than 2,000 members around the world on our private online community working to help change how we see and talk about depression, anxiety and more.

New app so we’re always with you ❤️📱✅ iOS + Android

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👋 Hello Product Hunters! :) This is the 4th iteration of my side-project turned social enterprise and life's work, The One Project. First time hunt 👀 p.s. it’s #WorldMentalHealthDay today 🧠 📖 Story The One Project began as a photo series that helped me start talking about and understanding my depression and anxiety for the first time, growing into a global community in the last 8 years. 🚀 Now / Our Mission Since then we’ve gained thousands of members around the world, leading knowledge and expertise in the field of therapeutic photography in our courses, plus hundreds of stories. We're building a new community and language around mental health by tapping into therapeutic photography techniques and providing a private online space with caring members to support you. I believe with new stories and insights uncovered by helping people start talking about these issues, we can massively change how we see and discuss mental health while saving people’s lives. 💰 Revenue The One Project makes money from paid memberships. This helps to keep us sustainable as we grow (covering expenses), stay true to our mission and give back to members through paid opportunities, member rewards, or grants. It’s $10/mo or $100/year with a 7 day free trial. We do not turn anyone away due to financial barriers! Anyone experiencing financial difficulties is able to earn forever free access that is funded through our memberships. We realize that mental health challenges are often linked or exacerbated by financial struggles and we do not exclude anyone. 👉 Features ✅ A private social network of 2,000+ caring people that you can connect with ✅ Easily give or get more support for your stories, way faster ✅ Post stories, ask questions or discover insights with improved search and discovery ✅ Opportunities to share your story to huge audiences publicly to expand your voice and impact ✅ Learn therapeutic photography with our online courses, at no extra cost ✅ Local, in-person, and online events to connect further ✅ Web and mobile push notifications (choose your preferred settings) ✅ New safety tools — post and comment moderation ✅ Find members near you to know you’re not alone 🛠 Making Over the last 8 years, I coded, designed and built The One Project myself and this most recent iteration is using Mighty Networks as our framework, which is a lifesaver for me and the community. Now, I’m looking forward to focusing more on community building and growing our impact! Still working on getting our community transferred over to the new space 😅 💖 Thanks Thank you everyone for sending me messages of support, bug fixes and feature ideas! This is my baby and I spent most of my time the last 8 years making it, thanks for being part of it 😄 p.s. Shout out and special thanks to @levelsio for the template here, the inspiration and help via Make Book 👏

I've used The One Project before and there is no doubt it's the best platform yet. The community is constantly looking to uplift each other and I find that while the purpose of other social media platforms is to show off how great of a life you live or what an awesome time you're having, The One Project allows you that space for vulnerability, self-awareness, and healing that we all need more of these days.


Private supportive online community

Intuitive iOS and Android app

Events to encourage offline connections

Forever free policy


- None

Changed how I see therapy and photography


Easy to use!



I had been looking for a way to get back into photography after some difficulty with my mental health. I cannot rate this platform highly enough.


Best thereputic photography platform I’ve found, like nothing else out there, with an amazingly supportive online community.