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@mgeene is CEO @ Cloud Elements the cloud API integration service that uses uniform APIs to connect your application with entire categories of services. Prior to joining Cloud Elements, Mark has had over 20 years experience in the industry including executive roles with IBM and Oracle and in today's show with we discuss: What was the origin story behind Cloud Elements and how Mark became CEO? What does it take for a company to transition from a 50 person company to a 500 person company? How does Mark apply lean startup methodology to SaaS? When is the right time to really invest in sales and marketing? Does the lack of SaaS exits greater than $500m concern Mark? Why have we seen the rise of the API economy and what does the future hold? In a round we call the 60 Second Saastr, we also hear: What lesson has Mark learnt recently that changes the way he works? Mark's favourite SaaS resource? Vertical vs platform SaaS play?