The Ocean Bottle

A water bottle made from recycled bottles found in the sea

Each Ocean Bottle funds the collection of ✨1000✨ plastic bottles from entering our oceans. We do this by paying collectors 3X plastic collection rates.

It's also the best designed bottle - designed after hundreds of interviews and comparison to 60+ bottles.

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Hi there! I think the mission of your company and design of the product are awesome. I saw your guys' email on LBS campus community earlier this week - purchasing one in Sky through your Indiegogo campaign. Excited to see how this does, I'm rooting for you!
@courtney_carlsson Thanks Courtney! :) I chose Sky too!
This is so cool! Thank you for creating this product. The amount of plastic waste in our oceans is horrible.
@molly_james Thank you Molly :) We're just getting started!
Hi guys! Can you share more about where and how did you work in Brazilian favelas to make this product come true? I'm from Brazil and I'd love to hear about the impact of The Ocean Bottle on people living here.
@rodrigo_leles Hi Rodrigo! Yes! Our Brazilian plastic collection points are currently in some of the favelas in São Paulo. We are taking on new projects with partners in Rio to help stop plastic pollution in Guanabara!
@michellewiles That's awesome! Let me know if you need any design help here in Brazil :)
Full disclosure - I'm on the marketing team for this product. But I obviously think it's great, and would be willing to take any questions here :)

I can't wait to receive mine and start using it!


Its a cool looking product that can actually have a tangible impact.


There are already some other water bottles out there, but none of them have the same direct impact on ocean plastic.