The Obstacle Is the Way

A method for excellence in any and all situations

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Looking forward to talking to everyone in a few hours. I love Product Hunt books and have been putting up submissions fairly regularly. For anyone who wants some other reading recommendations, I have a monthly list I do here and a list of 'books to base your life on' here
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@ryanholiday definitely subscribe to this. i have for years and have found lots of great reads from it.
@eriktorenberg @ryanholiday same, make sure to check it out.
Ryan, such a huge fan. I am 18 and your work is such an inspiration to the young generation! So, what was the hardest part about entering the workforce much younger than your peer group and what one moment would you say was the defining moment of your career?
@harrystebbings holy shit, Harry, you're only 18? What will you being doing at 22, then? Taking over the world? :P
@harrystebbings The hardest part is not other people, it's you. There's a reason that young people are typically made to wait and not put into major positions of responsibility. We don't know enough yet, we haven't been fully tested, it can go to our heads, we might be sensitive or not in control of our emotions, etc etc The reality is that these stereotypes are not totally untrue. We do have those weaknesses. The hardest part about being trusted earlier than other people is that battle against the sense. It's proving that you really were worth it and that you are different. It means putting up with bullshit. It means not doing the things you'd maybe like to do or naturally would do. It's that whole "be twice as good" thing. Not everyone is capable of it, but that's what it takes.
Just wanted to toss another +1 at this. I had Ryan in at Vungle to give a talk to the company about hustle and overcoming obstacles, and it was the perfect talk at the perfect time for us. We hit a little turbulence almost immediately after, but with Ryan's talk and material we were able to reorient and mine the turbulence for opportunities, and this thinking was at the top of our minds. Great material that I turn to almost every day.
@jahedmomand Thanks Jahed. Really appreciated the opportunity.
My pleasure to introduce Ryan Holiday for a Product Hunt AMA today at noon! (Ask questions in advance...:) For those who don't already know him, here's a quick bio: Ryan Holiday is an author of three books, including Growth Hacker Marketing, and he’s an Editor at Large at the New York Observer. He dropped out of college at 19 to become director of marketing of American Apparel, and has since advised writer and artist clients such as Robert Greene, Tucker Max, and Tim Ferriss and many more. We're grateful to Ryan's for giving great feedback and recommendations to Product Hunt Books. For more, check out Ryan on the Product Hunt Podcast:
Hi, Ryan! Big fan of your work. I have two questions for you today. 1. When it comes to manipulating the media and getting press coverage, what are your favorite tools for automating email outreach from a bunch of different email accounts to smaller blogs and news outlets? 2. Are you impressed by Donald Trump's manipulation of the media for the upcoming presidential election?
@kaufman_jack Fuck. Donald. Trump. I only respect people who do things on purpose, not someone driven by some compulsion for attention and inability to consider the words that come out of their mouth. What is he even getting out of this? It's certainly not making him money. It certainly won't make him president. He's just a troll.
@ryanholiday Gotta pay the troll toll. Probably my favorite statement from you, Ryan.