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Big fan of the The Noun Project's deep database of high quality icons. This app is a nice addition for the hardcore users.
@rrhoover thanks for the comment! We're really happy to ship this product, it makes using the Noun Project's visual language so much easier!
The ability to not have to leave your project is rad. Not only provides value, but inspiration just by executing search queries.
@stevenwalker agreed on the inspiration side. When I use TNP, it's for getting ideas for creating my own series of icons. This app makes that way simpler.
This is really great. Having this 'natively' will totally improve my workflow.
Love the Noun Project. A bit bummed that this is a "Pro" feature, and I didn't know I was starting a free trial countdown until it was too late. Would've liked to wait until I have a project to use said trial on :)
Used a few Noun Project icons in my Product Hunt Time Machine app. Can't wait to use this!