The Noun Project for Mac

Building a visual language of icons anyone can understand

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Shane Webster@shaneynice
Hi all - thanks for the conversation and support! For the next two weeks you can redeem "producthunt1hundred" for 30% off of 12 months of access to the Noun Project and our brand new Mac App. Feel free to share this code with your friends :-)
Antoine Plu@antoineplu · Freelance Designer • Ex @Algolia
@shaneynice Oh that's really great! Thanks a lot Shane!
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Ryan Hoover@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Big fan of the The Noun Project's deep database of high quality icons. This app is a nice addition for the hardcore users.
Edward Boatman
@edwardboatman · Co Founder, @NounProject
@rrhoover thanks for the comment! We're really happy to ship this product, it makes using the Noun Project's visual language so much easier!
Steven Walker@stevenwalker
The ability to not have to leave your project is rad. Not only provides value, but inspiration just by executing search queries.
Ryan Scherf@ryanscherf · Designer & Builder
@stevenwalker agreed on the inspiration side. When I use TNP, it's for getting ideas for creating my own series of icons. This app makes that way simpler.
Jordan Fulghum@jordanful · product, design, software
This is really great. Having this 'natively' will totally improve my workflow.
Jonathan Howard@staringispolite · Growth engineer & founder
Love the Noun Project. A bit bummed that this is a "Pro" feature, and I didn't know I was starting a free trial countdown until it was too late. Would've liked to wait until I have a project to use said trial on :)
tom meagher@tomfme · now is good.
Used a few Noun Project icons in my Product Hunt Time Machine app. Can't wait to use this!