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#1 Product of the DayJuly 19, 2014
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Such a great idea!
@mutlu82 Glad you (and the rest of the community) enjoy it! Its hosted from github so if anybody wants to poke around its all up here
@justiceojuice Thanks for adding the DISCO.IO playlists! Really cool!
Tracks are selected from the Billboard year-end hot 100 singles. On the same concept, another cool one to try is (Rdio powered) Rewind :
@daualset On the note of them being from the year end charts, it means hit songs sometimes don't peak on them as much as you may remember. Say a song is in #1 for 16 weeks in the year, it could get the #1 spot that year. But say it's released over xmas, 8 weeks one year and 8 weeks the next, it would get a middleish ranking for both years, even if it was more of a hit than a song from the middle of the year.
Cool idea :). I wish it would start playing 1 of the songs immediately, instead of needing to click twice.
@mscccc I was thinking the same thing. It might be even more engaging if it chose one random song from the top 100 singles in the selected year. Click a button to skip to the next one.
@mscccc I was planning to get auto play working, but I found being able to pre-emptively load up the players to be helpful, you could keep browsing while listening. What I did want to get working was autopausing, so when you start playing another video any other videos stop, but I'm not really sure how haha. This is my first project ever writing javascript, it is a learning project, I didn't really expect people to like it this much.
And for all the gaming fanatics, here's another hunt by @mutlu82: Sndtst, a compilation of 8-bit video game music.