The Nordic Nine

Daily wisdom and thoughts from 9 experienced entrepreneurs

Inspired by @rrhoover 's Startup Edition, I created an advent calendar where nine of the Nordics most experienced entrepreneurs give their wisdom and thoughts to a new question each day. It is designed to educate and inspire the Nordic's next generation of entrepreneurs, however their insights should be interesting to all, no matter what your location. First Q and A released today was "How did you raise money for your startup" and with nine people providing input, you get a really nice variety in the answers.
More and more I'm enjoying these Daily inbox emails. Thanks for putting this together!
@noinput Yeah, I think there are some really great ones out there, some of my favourites are @daniellemorrill 's Mattermark Daily and @asanwal 's daily CB Insights email. What ones are you enjoying in particular? And thanks for commenting, of course it is fairly time consuming to organise and curate this, but the real credit must go to the participants for taking the time to share their insights.