The NoPhone Air

The least advanced NoPhone ever

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I sincerely hope this packaging is eco friendly. If otherwise, it's more wasted plastic for personal gain. Meh
Chris Sheldon — Co-Founder of a Plastic Rectangle
@xcadaverx, I use my NoPhone Air to organize my paper clips.
James Young — CD @ Theresa Neil Strategy + Design
@xcadaverx The expansion of carbon footprint and strain on waste management from shipping shit-we-don’t-need-like-this around the world is just as much a negative outcome of modernity as the ugly side of screen-culture this product apparently ridicules.
Pocket — Not the hero Gotham deserves
@xcadaverx Haha, and here I always thought the production of the iPhone was more immoral :)
Jóhann Hannesson — Product Manager -
I must say... the Air is, simply put, breathtaking.
Chris Sheldon — Co-Founder of a Plastic Rectangle
@johannbenedikt, thank you. Your comment is also breathtaking.
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