The Night Owl Action Plan

Level up your late nights (ebook + audio + planner)

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Thanks for putting this out here, Paul! I created The Night Owl Action Plan as a way for night owls – a often misunderstood chronotype in terms of productivity – to build a framework to achieve more during the late night hours and yet still function during the daytime. While there are plenty of resources out there for early birds or those who thrive in the morning hours, there is little to nothing available for night owls. The Night Owl Action Plan was designed to help bridge that gap...even if just a little to start. The Night Owl Action Plan was conceived during the Gumroad Small Product Lab, an initiative that asked participants to create a product from zero to shipped in just 10 days. The package consists of a 20 page ebook, 40 minute audio program, and an Evening Quickstart PDF...all for just $10. I'll be adding more to the package (as well as improving it) as time goes on because I believe that fighting your body clock is the wrong battle...and I truly do want to be a champion for the night owl set. I'd love it if you'd pick up The Night Owl Action Plan while it is priced at $10 (it will gradually increase), and even more pleased if you would share it widely so that I can reach as many night owls as possible so I can help them keep moving things and night. Thanks!
I've been a @mikevardy fan (and fellow beer-appreciator) for a while and am excited for him as he ships this. Congrats Mike! I believe it's a much needed product. Despite being more of an early riser than a night owl myself, I know plenty of people that will benefit from this.
@alexputici Thanks for the kind words - and next time you're around my neck of the woods we should definitely have some more solid beers!
@alexputici Thanks for adding this! I am an early bird myself. But, @mikevardy and I often overlap with our late/early hours. I highly recommend everyone check out his latest work, especially if you burn the midnight oil. ;)
@tmninja I bet! I wasn't the one who added, but thanks for the shout out either way!
@mikevardy my pleasure. I'd absolutely love to. If you're ever out my way, let me know! There's a few good spots you'd enjoy.
Glad to see some love for the night owls and not just the early birds!
@basche42 Happy to champion the cause of The Night Owl!