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Not related to The Next Web? Yikes. Hope they've got a good TM lawyer!
Hi @chrismessina Why? They are two different products, different logos and different style. I don't think that the trademark is on The Next. Not?
@chrismessina I was wondering the same thing!!
@veronica the reasons would be interesting, considering different products and very specific content. :)
@fabiolalli The Next Web immediately came to mind for me too which suggests there is at least potential for confusion in the marketplace. I'd be less cavalier about dismissing these concerns.
Surprised there aren't any articles from on here 😯😯😯
@mattprd the contents are reported by users and some have been prefilled. About the similarity (there are several sources) is normal: there are not many actually well-written and interesting articles
@fabiolalli @mattprd but many of the best articles (in terms of well-written and interesting) are from
@bentossell There are already other articles of other blog and magazine that have been entered for the good value and quality. ChatbotsMagazine is a blog, TNB is an aggregator with upvoting system and a collaborative approach. cc @mattprd
@fabiolalli @mattprd yeah I know that... but as owner of the aggregator site you need to make sure the best of the best is being published so that the community can upvote it. Cannot rely solely on the community to publish everything
@bentossell sure, we'll do it.
Can I get the news in my inbox? Usually I don't have time to visit all websites I want.
@bogomep yep Why not. Daily? Monthly?
@fabiolalli daily will be great with an option to change :)
@bogomep ok ok πŸ˜„ added this feature to our plan
@fabiolalli did someone call you a "digital visionary" or did you come up with that all on your own?
@lsherman my grandmother says this, but if you want you can ask πŸ˜‰πŸ‘
@fabiolalli -- is there any reason to choose this specific name "The Next Bot"? I'm certain that many will confuse your product with "The Next Web". Tbh, I thought TNW released their chat bot. Even the logo format is very close to them (TNW and TNB). No offence, If I were you and If I was 100% confident with my product, I would have definitely named it differently. Your name idea reminds me of Chinese brands selling the replica shoes as "Adibas" "Nyke" "Reebak" :P LOL..
@ramkumarhq sure, The reason is in the mission of the aggregator: talk about the next bot or the BOT platforms. Simply.