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Gorgeous e-mail templates worth of $410 for only $19

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Hi all, I'm the founder of StampReady and I'm part responsible for this Bundle. If have questions I'll be here. Oh, for an extra 10% discount just click the hero 5 times. πŸ˜„
This is perfect! I'm in need of some email templates - purchased (with the extra discount, I hope you don't mind). Thanks for offering such a high quality set of templates for so little.
Perfecto! Just bought :) Keep up the good work @kevgroenendaal & team!
Added to my email marketing collection:
@anujadhiya Appreciate it!
Thanks a lot! Looks gorges! We are working on remastering our email communications to follow the one-action-email trend, so we've spent tons of hours coding, hundreds of dollars, testing at litmus and still now satisfied with our communications. Looks like, you've just solved all our problems, so we could focus on communications, not on coding and testing.
@myshlaev Email coding is disgusting! It's extremely hard to master, but luckily the authors have done most of the work for you. All you need to do is to customise it your needs. Testing takes time, and time is money. If you think about it, you'll save way more than just $410.. Glad we solved your problems! That's what we wanted. Thanks for the purchase. P.S. Our friends at @litmusapp were so kind to give us a 2month free subscription to test these newsletters for you guys.