The Newscene

Media membership made simple

The Newscene makes it simple for a media to start its paid membership program.
Front end - We provide simple tools to build a membership program.
Back end - We are working on a robust CMS which works without having to write a single line of code
Hey PH People, I am Konan, co-founder of The Newscene and we are thrilled to be here today. As most publishing outlets are pivoting to reader revenues and our daily news consumption is heading towards conversations in small groups with trusted voices, we believe memberships can be the way to fulfill both needs. Publishers need to build a loyal reader base and readers need to feel like they’re part of a community, hearing an intimate, trusted voice. It is The Newscene’s raison d’être to make it simple for media to build its membership program on a robust CMS which works without having to write a single line of code. For inspiration, we looked at publishers who are successfully building a membership-like model, like De Correspondent, The Athletic or Business of Fashion. We want those looking to take a similar path to not need to cobble together an array of tools that weren’t designed for membership. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have about this :)
Such a great platform to empower creators! Are there any integrations for analytics across each publishers content?
@lachlankirkwood Hello Lachlan, thank you for the kind words! This is definitely an open discussion between our technical team and our first publications. We want to strike a balance between giving our partners the data to optimise their conversions from reader to member and other funnels, but we are also very protective of our users privacy and data. But to specifically address you question (if I understand correctly) yes we definitely plan to create bridges between the data on The Newscene and other tools that our publications use so they can get the big picture with their other sources of income.
@balthazar Sounds great. I think it'd be important to at least share insights on page sessions and session times with publishers. Looking forward to following the project 👍
Seems a little pricey. 10% fees from every sales + $1,000 in upfront setup costs.
@jpsanabria Hi Josh, Thank you for your reply. Regarding the pricing, with just aligned ourselves to Substack %. We are bootstrapping and as long as we are in beta, we'll provide bespoke layouts for the publishers. Those $1000 are meant to fund this.
Great product idea! Typo's won't endear you to the press: ... simple for a publisher to start monetize its content through membership ... ... simple for a publisher to start to monetize its content through membership ... Produce conent that look great and load fast on any device Produce content that looks great and loads fast on any device 1000€ €1,000 "Content" is always singular My best wishes for your success - we need this!
@alun_hill1 Thank you Alun for the kind words and your help. From now, I will make sure every public document is double checked.
Wordpress + plugins = Ø
@lyondhur Hi Lyondhur, Thank you for your reply. I am actually not quite sure what you mean here. For what it worth, we are still at larval stage (with a bunch of publishers) and we make sure we get as much feedback as we can. Let us know what's up on your mind. Please feel free! Regarding the tagline, we are building something to address a very specific point for most publishing outlets and content creators. So far this tagline was the easiest I found but will work on it :)