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Inspired by by @ahmetsulek, @twnsndco & I decided to bring it over to iOS. We spent quite a bit of time agonising over how best to bring the experience to iOS. We hope you like it & any feedback is appreciated ! Our hope is this ends up on the homescreen of your iPhone :) Thanks to all our beta testers!
Congrats, @TosinAF, and great meeting you last saturday (@connor- he was rockin' the Pinterest schwag!). I'm curious what your motivation/goal (if any) is with The News app. P.S. Panda offers something similar on the web and as a Chrome extension.
@rrhoover Great meeting you to :) Well, I really just wanted on my iPhone, but lately loads of these communities are popping up & it'd be interesting to see if we could create an app that lets you pick & choose the communities you want to see, all in a similar format.
@rrhoover @tosinAF Need to get PH on here :)
Finally! Been looking for something like this, was going to make the HN side myself. What did you use to get the stories since they don't have a direct API?