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Does your website perform for your visitors? Diagnose your website’s performance on SEO, mobile, security, and more in seconds. Then take a free video course that teaches you how to fix and improve your website.
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Hello ProductHunt friends! I built the first version of Website Grader over 14 years ago (it was the first code I wrote as part of HubSpot). The product has come a long way from then, but the core purpose is still the same: Help people build more effective websites to grow their business. Appreciate your taking the time to check it out. The team and I would LOVE any feedback you have. We'll be watching the comments and responding to any and all questions/comments. Thanks!
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Love that you are also always building @dharmesh. The analysis is FAST. Nice that the email links to Hubspot resources. Will dig into the report and try again after a few recommended tweaks on my website and reply with any additional feedback.
@anandthaker Thanks for checking it out. And yes, I *love* writing code, so I try to do spend at least some time, every week, doing that.
@dharmesh 14yrs is a long time. What are things that existed in v1 that are still here in the new version? What are things in it that _used_ to exist that you loved... that are no longer relevant?
@i_am_brennan A lot of the core SEO-based features were there from the beginning. But checking mobile, speed-test and security I had not even thought about back then.
Looks awesome, congrats!
@andreibuildsstuff Thanks! Credit to the team. I could never create something that beautiful. (I'm a back-end guy).
@dharmesh I know what you mean, most of my time is spent on servers and infra. Great job to the team, the design is appealing the tool works well, and the user onboarding was great. No friction 10/10
Used to work without requiring your email... Also looks like its powered by google lighthouse, how is this different than google's page speed insights?
@rdbrdd Yup, as part of the update to the tool we added the email requirement to make sure we can send users the custom scorecard we generate based on their results, which is a new feature in this version. To your question, we chose to build on top of Google Lighthouse because of the depth and breadth of information that tool provides. With Website Grader, we’re synthesizing that information into a format that’s easy to understand and act on. We also built a new course in HubSpot Academy that provides education tailored to each score the tool provides.