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Peter Mello
  • Peter Mello
    Peter MelloManaging Partner, Lionheart Pathways

    Stunning visuals, web hosting with ability to connect to your domain name, allows for several version so you can tailor for several markets


    No spell checker, but my browser took care of that

    So many gorgeous templates, some that turned my idea of what a resume could be on its head. Easily filled all the little details from my LinkedIn page, so all that was left was to conjure up those eloquent humble-brags that are the difference between getting hired and pounding the pavement.

    Peter Mello has used this product for one year.


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James Clift
James CliftMaker@jamesclift · Co-Founder at VisualCV
VisualCV founder/CEO/coffeemaker here. PH kickstarted a ton of growth for us back in October 2014 - I didn't expect to be posting a product overhaul 2 years later with 1.5 million members. We spent the last 6 months completely redesigning our user experience, adding new features, and rebuilding everything in react.js. I can't take too much credit - @mikeric built the thing! Would love to hear your thoughts.
Emmanuel Lemor
Emmanuel Lemor@exlemor · Cust. Exp., Prod. Mgmt etc are my world.
@jamesclift @mikeric Hi James, it's great that you are evolving the platform... and that it is doing well... What is NOT cool is that you are circumventing the PH platform/principle just to get more traction... That not only creates a duplicate account on PH but goes against the ideals/idea of PH... Disappointing... ;( [That is at least, until PH comes up with Main Project Profile, Sub-Project Profile or Updated Project Concept with limitations for such a thing - like not more than 1 time per 2 years or whatever]
James Clift
James CliftMaker@jamesclift · Co-Founder at VisualCV
@exlemor Emmanuel, I appreciate your concern, but as a complete product rebuild/redesign/update - we definitely fall under this category in the ProductHunt FAQ's: "Product updates must be substantial, such as the launch of a mobile app or complete product redesign with new functionality, to be considered for resubmission" We're not really in need of more traction, we were just stoked to share the new product.
Eric Kryski
Eric Kryski@ekryski · CEO @
@exlemor I think that's a pretty unfair call. This happens ALL THE TIME on PH. Personally, I think it's great when people post new updates to their product. Sure, you're aiming for more eyeballs when you post here, that's no secret, but seeing a product evolve is amazing and IMHO far better than a pump and dump post like most products on here. I'd rather see a product iterating, evolving and getting better than something being posted for a launch and abandoned 3-6 months down the line (which happens a lot). In my mind PH is not just for product launches but for the evolution of products and the support of makers, whatever they are pursuing. Kudos @jamesclift @mikeric and the rest of the team! Saw the first post on PH and the product has come a long way! I think the other testimonials on here speak volumes.
Emmanuel Lemor
Emmanuel Lemor@exlemor · Cust. Exp., Prod. Mgmt etc are my world.
@ekryski Hi Eric, I'm sorry if you don't agree with the call and I totally agree that it happens far too often on PH [I wish they would strengthen their algorithm in that respect for sure]... but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't call out when duplicates arise to protect the platform which is otherwise great. That said, I am ALL for following product/makers evolutions but again, that's where PH should step in and allow for something like a Product Update which takes the original profile page and makes it quite clear it's an updated product - similar to review sites like Yelp which have the original review and then an updated review [even though Yelp is probably not a great example just couldn't think of one right now]... And it would be also awesome if PH built some sort of archive for project/products/services which are no longer in existence [perhaps a check against the domain that's registered or something a bit smarter than that]. Until such time, we need as a community to call out duplicates/issues etc because otherwise we will very quickly get overwhelmed with the spam/dupes/etc which is already becoming quite common as you pointed out Eric... and it will completely dilute the quality of PH which would be really sad... kind of like Craigslist has grown to a marketplace/platform where like 60% of ads are fake or spammers or etc... This is no way diminishes Visual CV's capabilities or features, the product stands on its own merit as being a good solid product.
James Clift
James CliftMaker@jamesclift · Co-Founder at VisualCV
@exlemor It's clear you're passionate about this community, which is appreciated. I agree that a community should call out spammers, and that the product update feature on profiles would be a good one. The archive feature would also be super useful. However, we built VisualCV - not Product Hunt. If you disagree with the current PH product, I'm sure they'd appreciate your feedback - but it is not fair to say we're explicitly "circumventing the PH platform/principle just to get more traction..." or "going against the ideals of PH." We are literally following a rule that they wrote themselves in their FAQs by posting a complete redesign and rebuild of our product 2.5 years after we were first on here. And trust me, it is a completely new product. Thanks for the kind words about our capabilities and features, but I'd more appreciate kind words about our character - we're in it to do things the right way.
Love it. Super simple. Super effective.
Dre Durr💡
Dre Durr💡@dredurr · Growth is the only thing that matters
This design is pretty frickin sexy! Who did it? SUPER DOPE🚬🚬🚬 I'm a 5 year old. Explain to me what VisualCV is?
James Clift
James CliftMaker@jamesclift · Co-Founder at VisualCV
@dredurr thanks Deandre. If you're 5 and looking for your first job, VisualCV lets you easily create a resume that will get you that job. We're basically Squarespace for your resume/portfolio.
Matt Smith
Matt Smith@symana · Founder, & Thinkific
Just created a resume, took me less than 5 minutes and it looks pretty sweet.
I've tried a few others resume builders, but this one is the best. Great update, looks beautiful.