The New TripAdvisor

World's largest travel site. 600M+ unbiased traveler reviews

The new TripAdvisor transforms travel by becoming the one place online that allows consumers to effortlessly discover, save and share great recommendations when planning a trip. Beyond enjoying more than 702 million reviews and opinions, travelers can now get useful and relevant advice from the people and experts they trust.

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Chris Messina
Chris MessinaHunter@chrismessina · Product designer & entrepreneur
It's finally here... but strangely, doesn't feel very modern. Better than the old TripAdvisor, but not like... _that_ much better.
What are the new features? Or maybe it is only new look?
Okhrimenko Alina
Okhrimenko Alina@okhrimenko_alina · Happy wonderlust
Love TripAdvisor. This version kinda works faster.
Nicole Brown
Nicole Brown@nicole_brown · CMO, Citymaps
The new design is way better. I like that you can follow people including publishers like Travel + Leisure - makes it much easier to find travel recommendations that are relevant to me.
Samuel Sosina
Samuel Sosina@sam_sosina · Tech
It looks nice. But when the will 'Trip' feature be complete? I used to be able create itineraries from reviews pretty easily. Now the feature is no longer working 😟