The New Screen Savers revives the classic tech variety show

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So nostalgic! I have many fond memories watching The Screensavers right after school with @leolaporte, @kevinrose, @sarahlane, and many others. I was sad to see it fade away after Tech TV became G4 although we might not have if it stuck around. I hope the dark tipper returns. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
@rrhoover I was in 6th grade when I built my first PC using the tutorials from @leolaporte & @patricknorton. Can't wait to see what I learn now.
@kevinrose @sarahlane The Dark Tipper is definitely returning. We're making it for you @rrhoover!
@leolaporte So pumped, TSS was a major piece of my childhood. It's like a long lost childhood friend has returned. What an awesome feeling. @leolaporte what a long way you've come since Episode #000 "Return of the Screen Savers" :)
We have so many TechTV fans and who else should do "The New Screen Savers" besides Leo? We have so many amazing guests booked for the first few shows and I expect the list to get even longer. Check out all of the behind the scenes photos at:
It is, @dunnkit - Kevin was an IT guy when we "discovered" him!
Super excited about the return of TSS. Rotating co-hosts will include Patrick Norton, Kevin Rose, Mike Elgan and more! This show has been in the works for a while, and there is some amazing stuff planned. Stay tuned! READ MORE: AND MORE:
I LOOOVED the Screnn Savers. If I'm not mistaken that's how @kevinrose got his foot in the door with tech.