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No more clickbait. No more sensationalism. No more bias. We’re obsessed with fixing a broken news system by spreading factual news that is easy to digest. It’s time to make a change. Be a part of the movement, subscribe to The New Paper today!
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I'm a huge fan of The New Paper. It is the only news source that has crossed that threshold for me of being succinct and high quality enough for me to read every single day and always be informed. Anything else is too verbose and sensationalized and I just can't/won't dedicate the time regularly. They do an amazing job of keeping things balanced and factual and I'd highly recommend to anyone!
@steve_sewell thank you SO MUCH for your support! It means the world, and we're glad to hear that you're loving TNP.
What's up PH community! We’re so excited to share The New Paper with you. We created The New Paper for one simple reason: to make factual news easy to digest. We got tired of scrolling through clickbait headlines and never knowing what to trust, so we set out to fix it ourselves. Our first product is a daily email newsletter – facts-only news, easy to digest, and always a link to the source. We’re over 25,000 strong and growing, and excited to share our world with you. We’d love to get your feedback and hear your stories – have you found yourself looking for better news? How do you get your news today? What can we do better to serve our readers? We can’t wait to hear your thoughts. I’ll be around all day to answer your questions, and the real hero, my co-founder John, will be chiming in later today! MUCH LOVE, Michael

While the New Paper doesn't have every bit of news there is, it does give a good variety and presents it in an unbiased fashion. It is SO REFRESHING to not have to wade through sensationalist headlines or reactionary commentary to find out what is happening in the world.


Straightforward, concise, variety, reliable sources, ends with a fun/interesting video or article that often makes me smile or say "Wow!"



A super clean and elegant product to be kept aware of what's going on in the world. Unbiased news is hard to come by today and The New Paper delivers that.


Super concise to the point news Unbiased Links back to original links in case I want to read more


They tested out a text version then took it away. I really liked the text version because I had it first thing in the morning.

Subscribed. You can consider sending current day news instantly, just after subscribing. I think it could make people love your product even more while it's "fresh"
@adam_pietrasiak thanks so much for subscribing! Delivery timing is one of the major features we test, and we always strive to deliver The New Paper when its most convenient for our readers to consume. Including the latest edition in our welcome note is a great idea and certainly something we'll look into! Thanks again for your support and feedback!
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