The new Mollie

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Adriaan Mol
Hey! 🤗 Today we’re proud to release a completely rebranded Mollie. For those of you who don’t know us: we’re a tech-driven, Dutch payment processor and we’re about to expand to Europe. The past couple of months we completely restructured our products and features, built a new website from scratch, gave it all fresh new design and copy, and completely refac… See more
Love the logo and animation on the homepage. Great work!
Bram Jetten
@bramjetten · Maker
Really like the rebranded Mollie. Always a joy to work with your API. Great job!
Wojtek Witkowski
@dubstrike · Rayfeed
Wow, that's a nice change. Well done! I was just looking at your old site a few days ago.
Naseem Raad
Really interested in using this over Stripe! Can you by any chance implement a demo on the site so you can test it out and see how it feels? Also, when using this internationally, such as the U.S. then when we want the cash withdrawn, we will get them in Euros right? And therefore have to pay a conversion rate to withdraw it in USD.