The New Mixcloud

The new, improved and best-looking Mixcloud yet



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Andrew Mager ♫ — Moving people with code at Postmates.
I've been testing the new Mixcloud for a few months now and I love the latest design. As someone who is deeply engrained in the streaming music space, Mixcloud is now my number one place to discover new music (mainly because the kind of music I'm discovering is mostly released on Mixcloud first).

Music discovery is solved if you are able to follow the right accounts so that your feed is perfect. I used to do this with Soundcloud, but the mixes aren't being released on there as much. Spotify is the long game, where I can save tracks for the future (which I usually discover on Mixcloud).

Major kudos to the team for releasing this!
Neil Cameron — Founder @ Twivel
I listen to more Mixcloud than I do Spotify and I'm paying for Spotify premium! Mixcloud has changed the way I discover and listen to music. I hope they can remain a viable business and figure out how to navigate the jungle of rights management.
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