The new iPad Pro

10.5 inch - Thinner and better

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iPad Pro features: - All new 10.5-inch model with a redesigned Retina display - Faster CPU & graphics rendering with the A10X Fusion chip - Full-size onscreen keyboard - 120Hz refresh rate (standard LCD is 60Hz) - New multitasking experience (coming this fall) - Instant notes & markup, inline drawing, and searchable handwriting
@nickabouzeid also flash storage capacities have been doubled and are now: 64GB / 256GB / 512GB — wouldn't have expected such a big jump.
Pretty happy with the old (wtf) iPad Pro..
Replacing my Macbook Air (circa 2012) with an Ipad Pro is looking more likely given my use case. They're bridging the gap between a Surface Pro with Win 10 (full O/S) with more intent now.
Anyone know if the old ipad air 2 gets the pro ios features?
@eonpilot if you mean the iOS 11 features than yes
Keeps the Lightning IO but even the keynote pitched the audience on all the guessed it: adaptors to "Fast charging USB-C/ USB-3" ports. 🤢