The new iPad Pro

10.5 inch - Thinner and better

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Nick Abouzeid 🕴
@nickabouzeid · Social & Growth Intern at Product Hunt
iPad Pro features: - All new 10.5-inch model with a redesigned Retina display - Faster CPU & graphics rendering with the A10X Fusion chip - Full-size onscreen keyboard - 120Hz refresh rate (standard LCD is 60Hz) - New multitasking experience (coming this fall) - Instant notes & markup, inline drawing, and searchable handwriting
@lyondhur · SM UX/IxD Designer ProdDev & Scrum Coach
Pretty happy with the old (wtf) iPad Pro..
@eonpilot · iOS dev @ github.com/eonist
Anyone know if the old ipad air 2 gets the pro ios features?
Thom Ivy
@thom_ivy · Founder, Pheros
Keeps the Lightning IO but even the keynote pitched the audience on all the ..you guessed it: adaptors to "Fast charging USB-C/ USB-3" ports. 🤢
Paul Hart
@snakecharmer · Founder @ Roamlocal.co
Replacing my Macbook Air (circa 2012) with an Ipad Pro is looking more likely given my use case. They're bridging the gap between a Surface Pro with Win 10 (full O/S) with more intent now.