The New iPad Mini

Apple's refreshed iPad mini now with Pencil support

iPad mini features a thin, light, and portable design that makes it the perfect on-the-go companion. At less than a pound and 6.1 mm thin, it’s easy to carry with you in one hand or take out of a pocket or bag whenever inspiration strikes.
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This is the first time Apple's launched a product via a tweet. Does that mean product refreshes have become so banal as to not even warrant 280 characters anymore, let alone a Steve Jobs Theater presentation?
Seems like a weird upgrade. No Face ID, no edge-to-edge display.
Apple's Special Event is a week from now and they drop this and the NEW iPad Air today... Wonder what they're gonna show us at the event 🤔👀
@amrith Maybe they don't want to waste time on announcing and describing about these versions of iPad's on a stage!
Apple is over part 512343. That looks like big joke. 4 different iPads xD
Pencil v1 😐
@jydesign what's the difference between v1 and v2? also what do you recommend (mini, normal or pro) if i want to sketch a little here and there?
@jydesign thanks! no difference in actual "drawing abilities"