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Joined the network this weekend! I think what will really differentiate this platform from other social networks is the one connection/day feature. I get inbound connection requests from people I don't know every day on LinkedIn, which really dilutes the value of my network there. By setting specific intentions for who you want to connect with and why, Girlboss stands to actually foster meaningful professional (or personal!) connections online.
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Excited to see this in the wild, @sophiaamoruso. 🙌🏼 I've been playing with the beta (yes, I'm a guy and investor in Girlboss, full disclosure). Here's my profile. Big fan of the minimal design. This platform will compliment the Girlboss Rally's and events very nicely.
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@sophiaamoruso @rrhoover Just a heads up that the link to your profile is currently unavailable. Maybe I need an account before seeing it?
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Was sad not to be able to sign up for a profile due to no US number. Hoping for global expansion plans soon.
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@ejsnowdon you can get a US number in under 30 seconds at OpenPhone + we have a special deal for PH Founders Club. I can help you with that Emily :)
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I am surely not your target audience, but the idea is a good one, though the background, that there's no real equality yet nor a harassment-free space for women, is great. And your design is amazing. Really. I fell in love with it. It's clean, it's friendly, breathing, and open-minded. It sets the focus on the content and this is what matters.
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When do you have plan to launch worldwide? I couldn't make registration. They allow only US mobile number for OTP.
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