The New Freshbooks

Ridiculously easy to use invoicing and accounting

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Freshbooks is a great Toronto-based startup that serves international customers. They recently rebuilt their product entirely with a great new interface and new functionality. Freshbooks has been around for awhile but it's better than ever now with this new version.
@byosko Looks really, Fresh. Can't wait to give it a go. Thanks for hunting.
@byosko Ben, thanks so much for posting. I've been leading the Product team building the new FreshBooks for the past 3 years. We're all super excited about today's launch, hopefully our customers love it!
The new version looks amazing. Congrats to the FreshBooks team. Love the company and the people.
@dharmesh Thanks Dharmesh!
Love Freshbooks. Was instrumental in helping our startup operate in the early days. Really proud of the work they did, excited for the new iteration of the product :)
@levin_alec Always happy when we can help out a fellow startup. Thanks!
@levin_alec thanks! Proud of the work SteadfastBeta is doing to connect TO startups with customers
@levin_alec can’t agree more with ya. We’re still using it and are pumped for the upgrade to the next version.
This is a pretty platform. If I had use for it, I'd be testing it... Maybe I should bill all cold-callers for time on calls? @freshbooks @byosko
@avrum_laurie I've been a long-time Freshbooks users so glad to see this updated. However, when I login, I don't see the new changes. Is this a slow rollout?
@webjoe @avrum_laurie Must be. I have been using freshbooks for a long time now and my account hasn't updated yet.
Hi Joseph! Yes we are slowly rolling out to existing customers. If you haven’t yet received your invitation you will in the coming weeks—we’re just putting the finishing touches on some features you use today. Thanks for hanging in there!
@rdbrdd @webjoe @avrum_laurie @jeremybailey Spoke with Freshbooks support. Current paying users have to wait until they figure out how port data from features that will no longer be supported into the new app. Big thumbs down for this approach that prioritizes growing userbase with new users over rewarding loyal customers stuck with a dated interface. Thumbs up for @ZipBooks.
@treyheath @rdbrdd @webjoe @jeremybailey Hey Trey, totally get where you're coming from, but migrating existing customers to the new FreshBooks has been a top priority for us from the start. We actually have 3 whole teams dedicated to building out the migration experience from FreshBooks Classic to the new FreshBooks. We want to ensure as smooth a transition as possible, which goes beyond just porting data. Also, thousands of customers have already migrated from FreshBooks Classic to the new FreshBooks. We'll be steadily opening it up to more customers over the coming weeks.