The New Forker

An interactive map of restaurants reviewed in The New Yorker

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Hi Hunters- I'm Reed, the maker of The New Forker. I just moved to New York from SF in July and have been trying to get familiar with the vast landscape of restaurants in my new city. I've always enjoyed reading The New Yorker's weekly 'Tables For Two' column, where they profile an interesting restaurant in the city. For the most part, they only cover restaurants they think are good, which makes the column a helpful resource when you're looking for a new spot to try. The map includes all 480-ish restaurants they've reviewed since 2005. Because the restaurant business is cruel and unforgiving, many of the places have since closed. I used the Yelp API to look up both Yelp star ratings and the open/closed status of each restaurant. I'll check in on this thread throughout the day and am of course happy to answer any questions. Bon appetit, Reed
Love this, going to NY in November, I'll use this for sure.
@crusty Awesome! You may also like Eater's maps:
New Yorker engineer here. We are opening up API's to our data soon, to make things like this easier.
@rememberlenny That would be very exciting. Until then, scrapers gonna scrape. Looking forward to chatting more!