The New Digital School

A design school with no teachers, curriculum or assessment

The New Digital School is a digital design program that aims to cut the crap out of traditional design education. It's completely student-centered and industry-led. Students learn at their own pace through masterclasses by renowned professionals and real projects with partner companies. No one-size-fits-all curriculum but real work experience.

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Hey PH, I’m Tiago, and I founded The New Digital School because after 10 years of teaching in traditional academia, I was too frustrated with how badly we were preparing our designers and developers for their future. Other teachers around the globe were equally concerned. Design education is broken. Most universities can’t prepare you for a career in digital because of old methodologies and obsolete skills. At The New Digital School we’re doing what we think really matters. We want people to learn what’s relevant for the industry, to love what they do and feel ready to continue working straight away. A couple of highlights about TNDS: * 🎯 Choose your desired skill-set. Focus on UX Design, Front End Development, UI Design, Digital Product Design, UI Development or others. * 💪 Learn more than just hard-skills from industry leaders from Shopify, InVision and many others * 🚀 Build a strong portfolio with real client work or launch a personal project in a supportive environment, with expert guidance. * 👯 Engage and participate in community-open events to raise your profile, network and understand how you can become a better professional. We’re building this for the global digital community so your input is very very important for us! 🙏 Thank you 😁
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@tiago_pedras this is such a great project. Best of luck with the next term Tiago. I hope I can pay you guys a visit early next year (got relatives in the north, pa!).
@andr3 muito fixe pá! :)
@lyondhur thanks a bunch for the good vibes! You'll be more than welcome here in the north for a Francesinha 😁

I've been following these guys from The New Digital School since their beginning and also participating on their events, masterclasses, workshops and the like. Last time I was there, I was invited, as an industry expert, to review the portfolios of the students that were preparing themselves to find a job in the Digital Design market. I regularly interview and hire Designers for our company and as a Digital Designer myself, I think I can recognize talent when i see it. And in this case, I was genuinely impressed with the levels of quality and professionalism that this students could pull off in only one year of studing at TNDS and that was the exact moment that I started to truly believe on the concept of this school. Despite all of the different things, when compared to traditional schooling, TNDS really does work. It works so well in fact, that actually, one of the current students will probably get an offer from our company when they finish this school year.


This is the future of Digital Design Education! The concept, methods and ways are all appropriate to train the Designers of the future!


Just a little bit more of experience under their belt and the world is theirs.

Paulo, you're amazing. Thank you for your continued support and motivation boosts. Cheers! 🙌 ✨

I'm a student from the 1st class of TNDS and i must say that I'm really proud to be a part of this amazing and innovative project. It was time to make some change in education and make us better ready for the challenges that we will face on our future jobs in this industry, so the The New Digital School is an example that we are capable of doing that, and must of all, it's an example on how to do it well!


The way you could define your journey throughout the year makes your education unique and a perfect fit for each one of the students


Its hard to make people, that are accustomed to the "traditional" education, believe on this process.

Thank you, João! This is the most valuable kind of review we could get: from our students. 🙌 ✨

This is the best training and experience a designer aspiring to great things can get. And being in Porto for a while is a blessing!


Innovative and tested method of training designers for the real world and not what it was 10 years ago.


Hard to grasp concept at first.

I am priviliged to mentor the leaerning design team at The New Digital School, by challenging them to stay focused on their mission and support them to keep pursuing their purpose and long term vision.


The hands on approach to digital design process, mentored by world leading experts, and applied real client projects.


Both industry and potential students aren't yet fully aware of their existence

Daniel, as always, your support means a lot to us. Thank you, for everything 🙌 ✨