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#4 Product of the DayAugust 03, 2016
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Hey Product Hunt, I’m Tiffany, co-Founder of Multiply Labs, and we want to make staying healthy and energized a lot easier! Like many of you, we often find ourselves not having enough time to be healthy (frozen food and pizza is not healthy) and drinking too many cups of coffee (the Starbucks cashier knows my name). For the first time, we made it possible to create your own personalized supplement pill that can be customized to release different supplements at various times throughout the day. With one pill in the morning, you can have your standard health-boosting supplements released immediately and a burst of caffeine released later in the day. After you tell us a little bit about yourself, we can recommend supplements for your personalized pill based on your needs and then use our 3D printing technology to build a pill just for you! Check it out and let us know what you think.
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This sounds like something amazing and could be breakthrough. @tiffanyamykuo Can you ExplainLikeImFive: How a single ingested pill can release different supplements at different times during the day?
@matthewboyle25 Thanks for the first question! We actually 3D-print a pill with different compartments using pharmaceutical materials. By varying the material we use and the thickness of the pill's compartments, we can control when these different compartments release the supplements.
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@tiffanyamykuo when will I be able to increase the dosage in a single pill? Your dosage for Omega 3 is lower than prescribed by my doctor. When will you have other supplements such as CoQ10 available? The setup is cumbersome on mobile. Slider bars for weight and height only allows me approximations. This is poor design.
@tiffanyamykuo Amazing product! I can't wait for this -- as a weightlifter I've had to carry around pill boxes of supplements and remember to take them periodically. This is huge -- great job guys!
@laebshade We are constantly improving our product, so your feedback regarding mobile design is helpful! Over the next months, we plan on adding functionality to increase dosage for some supplements and increasing the offered supplements based on comments from our early access program.
Was part of early testing of the product. They are onto something BIG.
@panashemahachi thanks a lot for your feedback and enthusiasm, Panashe!
I want this
@evanlodge thank you very much, Evan! :)
So you're telling me that I can take 1 pill in the morning that releases the optimal amount of caffeine I need throughout the day for peak efficiency?
@sebfung That is exactly what we're aiming for! We already offer two release profiles for the supplements (immediate and later), and we will optimize the configuration of the pill based on your individual feedback (the time and intensity of the caffeine release in your experience). Our 3D printing technology allows us to tailor your pills to your preferences!
With great testimonials and proven technology, this would be not only a great product but also a killer licensing play to many big companies.
@tarungangwani thank you very much, Tarun! We completely agree! :)