The Monthly Review

Plan, track, and review your habits and goals

This is a monthly workbook designed to help you plan and review your year, one month at a time. Download the FREE 20-page guide for January 2018 now, and get a fresh one delivered right to your inbox (also for free) at the end of every month throughout 2018.

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Hi everyone! I usually don't struggle with setting goals for the year...but planning, tracking, and reviewing them? That takes a lot more work. I created The Monthly Review because I wanted to be more conscientious about how I'm spending my time each month—and progressing toward my most important goals and habit changes, one day at a time. I hope The Monthly Review is as helpful for you as it is for me! You can download the FREE 20-page January 2018 PDF now, and I'll send you a fresh monthly review workbook at the end of every month for the rest of 2018, as well. Happy reviewing and planning! :-)
Love this :D Curious to know the demographic of people using this to track goals; how many makers are using it?
@amrith It’s the very first time I’m sharing this widely with other we’ll see!
Just got my copy and can't wait to start filling out. I'm very good at listing out my to-dos but not as good at reflecting on them to improve for future iterations - I really think this will help me out. Will keep them on my desk! Thanks @melissajoykong
I hope you find it useful, @abadesi! Would love your feedback once you start using them. :-)