The Moguard

Save your 'stache. Happy Movember.

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@noinput did you get one of these?
@MikeKhristo - @noinput, killer 'stache!
@tweepwell @MikeKhristo YES. I'm in. well done Blake!
Quick side project from Larc founder Blake Caldwell (@tweepwell). Blake, how long did it take to get from idea to prototype?
@alwaysunday It took us a month, we got lucky that our first prototype was better than we ever imagined (the key was in the flexible material). We've only needed one more iteration to get to the final product!
@alwaysunday We've also found it to be quite effective for sangria (no fruit to the face), smoothies (the 'stache nemesis), and much more. It doesn't help with burgers...yet
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