Run an ongoing referral marketing campaign on Facebook Messenger, people earn bigger prizes the more friends they refer.
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Hey friends 👋, Since day #1, Viral Loops is a template-based platform. We drew inspiration from various referral marketing campaigns (Dropbox, The Hustle, etc.), but the real game-changer for us was The Milestone Referral campaign from Harry’s. This template is a real bestseller, and since we created the Messenger Giveaway template a few months ago, we thought that it would be a great idea to translate the Milestone referral approach to a more mobile-friendly environment. And we did it! Today I’m thrilled to announce The Milestone Referral Template for Messenger, powered by Manychat. 😻 Now you can run an ongoing referral marketing campaign entirely through Facebook Messenger, and reward with bigger prizes every time they reach a milestone. Since Product Hunt has always been the first place we present anything new, we have a special offer for the community: The 1st 100 people that sign up for The Milestone Referral Template for Messenger will get 50% off FOR LIFE! We’ve already tested the template with a client, and we prepared an article that will help you to understand how it works: 👉 You will receive your coupon code via Messenger, the moment you subscribe. Feel free to shoot me with any questions 🙈
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I am a simple man, I see Viral Loops I upvote! Cudos :)
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@antfaras LOL! Thanks for the support man! 🙏
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Love it! Very simple to set up, yet extremely powerful!
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So let me get this straight. You got one of the biggest channels in Marketing right now (Messenger), combined it with a promising technology (chatbots) and mixed it with one of the best marketing strategies of all time (word-of-mouth - referral marketing). Seems like a recipe for success, IMHO.
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@spyros_tzortzis You're the man! Thanks for your support.
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Cool, but I'm pretty sure that as per Facebook's policy you are not allowed to reward users for sharing. :S
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@tonyqlopez Thanks for bringing this up! In general, Facebook Pages are allowed to run referral campaigns and giveaways by incentivizing people to invite their friends to take actions and get several rewards. But, it depends on the case and the reward whether a campaign is compliant with Facebook Messenger's Terms of Services. People are prompted to invite their friends based on altruism (people do not get rewarded for just sharing). For example: "Invite your friends to get a chance to win this great reward!"
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