The Mighty is a safe place for when you're having a tough time with physical or physical or emotional health. Share what’s on your mind about mental health, chronic illness, disability, rare disease, cancer, parenting, and much more.

With 2.5 million members around the world, you’ll find a community that gets you.

Android app coming soon!

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Hi PH! We launched The Mighty app on iOS because no one should be alone when faced with challenges, especially your health. We want you to find the right support for you, and be able to share your challenges safely. To feel supported is a global human right, and we will be relentless in our pursuit to make it a reality! Download the app. Try it out. And tell us how we can serve you better! P.S. Android coming Spring 2019
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@peterpeterwang when can we expect to see this app released in Google Play for all the other non-Apple devices?
Hi @kathy_haukap_costello The team is working hard at it. We hope to release it in May/June! In the meantime you can use our site at
@peterpeterwang thanks for the response! That is such great news about a May/June release, I can't wait for the announcement from the Mighty when it will be available to all! I am a regular website user and subscriber to the Mighty and will continue to use the website until the app is production ready. 😁👍
@kathy_haukap_costello We just launched the Android app last week! Thank you for being patient. I can't seem to add link in here but please search for it on Google Play Store!

This app really brings forward what's great about The Mighty in a way that is optimized, and in many ways improved, over the site itself


Great user experience to access a really engaged and supportive community!


Looking for some additional features from desktop to be launched, excited to be able to post pictures

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Hi @chitown_badger! Thank you for being our first reviewer on PH! Great point on pictures. We are working on supporting images in posts and aiming to get that out before Christmas. We also just enabled links in posts and comments so people can share resources. We updated our internal moderation tool so we can monitor links posted and keep the community safe. Any other feature you're looking forward to? 💜
Hi Product Hunt community, we are excited to share that starting in iOS App v1.8 (released on 12/21/2018), you can add photos to share even more of the story behind your Thoughts and Questions. In this first release, we'll start by supporting one photo per post that's sized at a 4:5 ratio — a size that's especially great for photos taken with your phone in a very Mighty moment. The beauty of The Mighty community is that it shares very real stories — and that includes stories told through imagery that can be uncomfortably graphic, potentially triggering, and/or sensitive in other ways. Posts with photos of this nature will come with a Sensitive Content message, and they'll give you control over showing and hiding the photo. In addition, our team has implemented a machine learning algorithm that both detects sensitive content and continues to learn from community reporting and moderation. We will be adding the same image capabilities to comments so the community can also respond to Thoughts & Questions visually. Thank you all for a wonderful 2018, and see you all in 2019!
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When will there be an Android version?
@lisa_taulman We just launched the Android version last week!

Have nothing else to add this


It is an apple


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