The Metric Builder by Yaguara

Create custom metrics that are important to your business.

Yaguara’s Metric Builder allows teams to leave the manual work behind and instantly gather the metrics you need from multiple sources. When your team integrates your data, you gain the ability to combine and define important metrics specific to your business.
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Love how intuitive the platform is. Such a powerful way to aggregate custom insights.
Hey there Product Hunt, this is J.D. from Yaguara again. Our team is thrilled to share our newest feature, the Metric Builder. In the past, complicated metrics had to be calculated in a siloed environment, often costing teams significant time and effort to produce a single data point. Now Yaguara’s custom metrics do the hard work for you in a matter of seconds, so your team can go back to focusing on pushing the business forward. Here are a few examples of tricky metrics that can now be easily created and tracked in Yaguara: - Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) - Total Social Following - Total Social Shares - Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) - Total Gross Sales With our ambitious mission of giving teams a unified, persistent, cross-functional source of truth for company-wide data...the addition of the Metric Builder moves Yaguara users that much closer to that goal. The Metric Builder is part of the Yaguara platform, so if you’re already using Yaguara, you can start using it today! You can learn more about the Metric Builder here:
This looks promising!
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