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Greetings from the Met, folks. Delighted (and honored) to have our app on PH. Thank you very much for your support. @loictallon & @lizfilardi (who worked so hard on this; and I will be happy to answer any questions. We have Android in our plans for 2015. And if any of you visit the Met, please LMK: Many thanks, @nikkielizdemere, @ErikTorenberg, @rrhoover. //Cheers, Sree//
@sree congrats on the launch Sree! Love seeing art on here :) What do you think is the role and importance of technology for museums now and moving forward?
@eriktorenberg Thanks, Erik. This is a world I'm just learning about for the last year (I spent 21 yrs at @Columbia in two sectors undergoing enormous change: journalism and higher ed). I see smart, strategic tech as critical to the future of museums. There's magic in just you and a piece of art in a gallery. But sometimes, you want to have additional info and insights and that's where tech can help. The key is finding ways to use digital media that enhances the experience for those who want it and leaves the others alone. There's a lot of exciting stuff going on within the museum world, tech-wise. I encourage folks to check out feeds, sites and conferences like @MuseumCN (Museum Computer Network) and @museweb (Museums & the Web). Here's an in-depth story by @AnandWrites that examines digital strategy of two museums: @MetMuseum & @BrooklynMuseum:
"Swipe freely between events and exhibitions, explore classic highlights, and discover fresh perspectives on the permanent collection." So awesome. I'd been checking their site a couple times a year but now I conveniently have an app.
@nikkielizdemere thanks for posting the #metapp - so cool to be on PH - we love our early adopters! nnLaunch is just the start for us. We welcome all feedback as we actively improve the app. nnSoon you will be able to set reminders about exhibitions and events. What else do you want to see? nnIf you can, complete this quick survey to help us make it better: n
@lizfilardi Oops, once again, that early adopter survey link is:
@sree @loictallon @lizfilardi I'm excited to see that the Met is making an app! This is a great beginning to something that could very well turn into the default interface through which most people interact with the museum. I'd like to make a few suggestions: 1) Consider setting a variable in the user's settings so the opening animation runs only once. The app crashed on me while browsing around (perhaps due to a memory release issue, as I couldn't repeat the error) and I found the animation somewhat annoying the second time around. 2) The use of two separate menu metaphors -- the color wheel and the hamburger -- makes things confusing for a first-time user. I have been conditioned to think that app developers hide everything in the hamburger, so I didn't think the color wheel hid anything, and thought all I could do was look at a few exhibitions. 3) Why do I have to open a web view just to view an extended version of the text that shows up under the artwork? I don't want to open a webpage. You're already displaying half the text on the screen -- just go all the way! 4) Events, classes, etc could really use a calendar view -- a task at which the iPad excels. I assume you've already got this planned for a future release. 5) in-app purchases could turn into a real revenue driver for the museum. Sell me a membership and access to additional content, such as electronic versions of exhibition catalogues, etc, directly within the app. Give me video access to the seminars and classes. You guys should be very proud of the great aesthetic and overall graphic design of this app; I hope the level of quality is imitated by your peers. Keep it going!
@numair great feedback, keep it coming, thank you!