Quite simply, the book’s 130+ insights help you do 3 things: (1) ENDURE the human-tendency-defying woes of the middle (your war with self-doubt, the roller coaster…(2) OPTIMIZE the hell out of everything that works (constantly improving product, team…, (3) NOT SCREW UP THE FINAL MILE of a successful project (game changes when finish line in sight…)

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From @scottbelsky's blog post: "I’m excited and super-f’n-anxious to share a 5+ year obsession/project nearing the finish line" It's never been easier to start building a product and arguably harder to persevere and "finish" as everyone's thirsting for attention and distribution. I'm curious why you chose to publish this as a book vs. a series of blogs or another medium, @scottbelsky.
@rrhoover thanks Ryan. I went with the book route because it's a collection of insights that I think people will want handy - a valuable reference to flip through during various parts of the messy middle of projects. In addition, the publishing process is a forcing function for better content... ;-)
Very interesting! Will there be an audiobook?
Absolutely love the Time vs Joy graph. It certainly resonates! I'll be checking it out. Thanks for taking the time to write this @scottbelsky
@scottbelsky @stuartlogan Ah just saw it's coming soon. Is it getting a UK release?
@scottbelsky @stuartlogan also plans for an audiobook version? I prefer to listen to books. 😊
Congrats on the book, @ScottBelsky! Looking forward to reading - based on your track record, I know it's going to be amazing.
Yes! Saw your creative mornings talk @scottbelsky so I've been excitedly waiting for this.