The Memory Wave

Create posters of the most significant sounds from your life

Create posters of the most significant sounds from your life!

Printed on highest quality matte paper.

FREE shipping worldwide!

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Very cool, @normunds_petrovs. Do you also offer pre-framed posters?
@rrhoover The print does not come framed and unfortunately we do not provide a framing service at the moment. If it will be something requested by a lot of customers, I think we could figure something out. :)
Hey @normunds_petrovs, can you tell how the QR code feature works? You guys store the audio? Can you guarantee this is permanent?
@edtreccani thank you for your interest! We generate custom hash string (unique ID) for each audio file that customer submits and store them on Amazon S3 servers. Audio file will be alive as long as Amazon servers will keep running. :)
Really great UX. Makes it easy create something unique but beautiful.
@joshuapinter Thank you very much! :)
Fun fact: I wanted to check it for my daughters first piano concert (she’s four). The default value for the song was "Au Clair De La Lune". The actual song she played! Now I just have to get this.
@jaironpz That sounds amazing! What a coincidence! :)
Brilliant idea. Unique and with a beautiful design.
@rajatsinha Thank you very much! :)