The Manager's Handbook

Comprehensive guide to becoming a great manager

Our goal with this handbook is to set a new standard for great management, and to help as many people as possible to get there.
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1 Review5.0/5
Loved this book. I've read 100+ books about management and leadership and this book has my strong endorsement. I would recommend it as a must read for all managers - experienced or new to management - great material for everyone. The author has compiled wisdom from many sources all in one book. I would recommend starting from this book and then branching out to others recommended in the text.
Thanks for this, @maccaw. Bookmarking this for later. ๐Ÿ˜„ Side note for everyone else: Alex also helped with the book, The Great CEO Within.
Hello hunters! Excited to be back again to launch The Management Handbook. Here's the issue with management: manager's aren't trained. If you think about how someone becomes a manager, usually they're a high performing individual contributor who are 'promoted' into management. Except it's not a promotion, it's a career change; it's a completely different job. And, like every job, it requires training and practice to become great at. We saw this story start to play out at Clearbit, so we created our internal management training program and wrote this handbook to help train our managers. Then we realized we'd created something really useful for the community, and decided to release it free for everyone. Out goal is to set a new standard for management and help as many people as possible reach it.