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    Nice concept! Amazing website


    Not on Android as of yet :(

    If you are on Twitter, PH or Indie Hackers to discover makers and interesting startups/side-projects they're working on, add The Makers to your list

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👋 Hello PH Community, Thanks Bram for the hunt! Olivier here, happy co-Founder at 📜Small story : we have started The Maker's project last year by sending email intros to makers with mutual interest. To ease the process and give more fun to the connection we have decided to build the iOS app few months ago 🤳What for? Networking should be fun and could be done daily while waiting for the bus, the apps allows you to meet quickly other makers with mutual interests. Last update includes ‘Community‘ , means you can now add your specific community or event and makes people match in it. 🔗We have a Facebook group where we share thought/ressources and chat about upcoming features and a Trello Board where we share our roadmap 🌟 and bugs 🐞 🙏I'd love to get your feedbacks and I'm here to answer all your questions of course! Cheers, Olivier
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Love concept, love screenshots, but waiting for Android
@hubrixco thanks for the feedback! Android is on the roadmap definitively but we wanted first to iterate and validate the first version on one OS.
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any plan for android?
@keyul yes definitively :)