The Magic Door

An Alexa-powered interactive adventure

The Magic Door is an Alexa-powered interactive adventure with original stories. You can tell Alexa what choices to make as you embark on various adventures throughout a magical land.
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Super curious to see other games people create for Alexa, Google Home, and other audio-based interfaces. Games are often massive drivers of WOM and often lead the App Store in gross revenue.
Just FYI to all the parents out there: My 8 yr old kid is scared of this game because it gets very spooky and then you can get unexpectedly murdered in it, so he avoids playing it. This is not a video game- this appeals to different senses (hearing and talking), so it's more meaningful and requires more emotional investment than a video game. Keep it in mind when introducing your kids to new Alexa games because there's no parental warnings on these kinds of games yet.
My kids will love this!
Hi Product Hunters. Thanks for the attention, and, we hope, thanks for playing! As one of the creators of The Magic Door, I am really excited to be building this new type of product for voice ecosystems. If you'd like to experience it, you can always say, "Alexa, open the magic door," or you can check out our walkthroughs on Youtube, maybe starting with our spookiest adventure: