The Mac Index

Compare Apple product prices in different countries

The Mac Index indexes Apple website and compare prices of Apple products in different countries, against recent currency exchange rate. It’s like The Big Mac Index of Macs (and iPhones, and iPads). Useful when you're traveling somewhere and wanted to check if they have your favorite Apple product cheaper than if you buy at home.

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I've been always meaning to compare these prices - thank you! Side note, I really like the sliding panel UX you are using - super convenient 😊
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@zelena hey thanks!
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Hi everyone! I am a product builder and Apple user. Usually when I go traveling, I wanted to check if places that I visit would have cheaper price compared to if I buy somewhere where I am a resident (in my case, Malaysia) because prices after tax would be significant when you buy from oversea. If you've been looking for the same solution, please help me upvote this so others will find it useful. Cheers! 🙌
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Do you also include taxes to your prices? In the US prices are always shown without taxes. Haven’t seen some note on your page about possible customs dues that maybe you have to pay.
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@mecoupz I will make it clear for US prices. For the rest, you could get zero-rated tax in Japan, and get tourist tax refund for prices with tax-inclusive, like Australia.
Very cool! Just one thing, list price in China are taxes included.
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@huangdun just to be clear, so China doesn't have tax refund for tourist? I tried Googling and it said they do, but the rate is different than VAT rate.
@wfxyz I haven't heard about tax refund for tourist before, so probably not.
Really cool! It's exactly what I need when I go travel 🙌 Will you do the comparison for other brands or products in the future? Btw congrats on the launch.
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