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John Exley
Hi guys! Our goal for thelucidrealm.com was to create a 3D listening + visual experience for Jazmin LaBrie's (@feeLaBrieeze) new music, "The Lucid Realm" EP (produced entirely by Chayse Walker, @chaysewlkr). A bit of background: along with Caroline Waxse (@cwaxse), I am the MGMT for Jazmin LaBrie. We collaborated with our good friend Manny (@mannynotfound) from Art404.com to create a mobile-friendly environment for experiencing Jazmin's music for the first time. Manny utilized WebGL to build a 3D, interactive website that auto-plays and auto-advances all 8 tracks from Jazmin's EP on SoundCloud. The site also includes an infinitely-spinning 3D model of Jazmin (created by Christian Neun from Parsons School of Design) that coincides with the art direction of the site and our intention of matching Jazmin's personality and style as an artist. Additionally, the texture/layering and color of Jazmin's model changes for every new song. I hope you enjoy listening to music in 3D! We'd love to hear your feedback on the site, how we might improve the user experience, and where we could take this concept from here. Thanks PH!
Niv Dror
VC at Shrug Capital
Solid GIF.
Erik Torenberg
Former Product Hunt
Congrats @johnexley! I love the approach! Can you share the story of how you and Jazmin started working together, how you've both evolved together, and your aspirations in music?
Alex Adelman
Founder, Lolli 🍭
Wow. Awesome work.
Really like the music and the animation is pretty cool. Nice funky, atmospheric vibe to it. The page doesn't work on my MBP, but it actually looks great on mobile. Good use of screen space and responsiveness with the soundcloud integration, and holy hell is the touch+drag animation smooth. Great work!
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