Struggling to grow your startup during lockdown? Not if we can help it.
We're giving away all 5 giant books (1,600+ pages) filled with the best LinkedIn growth hacks 100% FREE… Yep, nothing held back! Beat the downturn and come back stronger than ever!⚡️🚀
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👋 Hey Hunters & Makers, Over the last nine months, I poured everything I have into writing over 1,600 pages chock full with all of our BAMF lead generation strategies, templates, and resources… Everything I know into a tome called, “The LinkedIn Bible”, alongside four other books in the collection. I’ve got to be honest with you, though… I wasn’t planning on giving all of this away for free. But in light of everything going on, it felt like the only right thing to do. You see, when my dad caught COVID-19 two weeks ago, it hit me. What’s the point of succeeding in business if you can’t be with the people who matter most to you? I had to do more. So, I decided to start a fundraiser and am pledging to ship a free paperback copy of "The LinkedIn Bible" to the first 50 people who want to spread kindness with a $100 donation to Doctors Without Borders. Two good causes to rally behind, really — your business, AND beating the pandemic (or, at least, trying to make an impact). If you want a paperback copy of The LinkedIn Bible, or just want to support a good cause... PLEASE CLICK THE LINK TO DONATE 👇👇 (as of this post, we’ve already raised $800!) -- PS - My dad's doing much better now, and he's making a speedy recovery. 💛
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@houstongolden the real mvp. I've been looking to update my LinkedIn presence for quite a while (two years to be exact) and these books ... just scrolling through the first pages and I can already tell it's something different. Can't wait to use these tips to up my LinkedIn game. Thank you for sharing, really ... and I hope your dad gets better soon. #StayStrong #StaySafe
@ivan_dobrinov Bad*ss. You'll dominate LinkedIn! 🔝
Lol this came at a perfect time for me! So excited to grab these and get into Linkedin - I've always avoided it because I never knew where to start but I have officially found the perfect place to start :)
@neel_sarode Thanks Neel! Hopefully you're able to implement all of our awesome hacks to build your business to be stronger than ever 💪 Let me know if you have any questions!
The BAMF legends themselves are back!? This is so awesome, and with so much more value than has ever been provided before in all the older books. Thanks @houstongolden for putting together this insane bundle of resources for us all to consume over the following weeks!
@blovelace BAMF is BACK! 🙏
I am a newbie with LinkedIn, I am so happy to get some help from professionals like Houston, who is giving away tips for free. I am much indepted to such great people.
@jagadeesh_gandla Thank you for the kind words! Make sure to connect with me on LinkedIn and keep in touch. Would love to see your awesome results once you have the chance to go through the whole collection!
Wow wow wow! These books are amazing! I mean it’s the best content about LinkedIn aggregated into 1 place!
@ilya_azovtsev It's the best I could've done. I'm glad you appreciate it! Keep being a bad*ss! 😎