The Linkedin Agency Playbook

A play by play guide to growing your business on LinkedIn

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Mike BeckerMaker@mikedbecker · Founder at
Hey Hunter People! "I know I must be using LinkedIn wrong because I can’t seem to make consistent sales." Sound familiar? FACT: Most agencies fail to follow up with new connection requests on LinkedIn, and those that do often send messages that turn warm prospects into cold lumps of coal. Now can you see why an astonishingly low number of agency prospects respond to these “hit or miss” LinkedIn tactics? It doesn’t matter if you’ve got 40 or 4000 connections, ask any 7-figure digital agency and they’ll tell you… If you don’t know how to consistently offer value, nurture relationships and build authority before you make an offer, you’ll get the same response every time: [Crickets] Here’s the thing. There are great agency clients on LinkedIn who would love to work with you... …but if what you are currently doing isn’t getting your prospects through your door, it’s not just your email that needs fixing. Your entire strategy for converting LinkedIn connections into customers may be busted. Defective. In pieces. Kaput. So what can you do to repair your clunky LinkedIn lead generation? Is it possible to install a system that will get your LinkedIn connections chasing after you… (instead of the other way around)? A LinkedIn lead generating “machine” that can both pump out a steady stream of new agency leads every month… …and transform them into “wallets out, credit cards ready” buyers? Is there a system you can use to easily deliver “value in advance” and help your prospects get “unstuck”? So your ideal customer sees you as the agency they can trust to deliver them to the “promised land”? The good news is that there is, and that’s exactly what this playbook is all about… Over the past decade, Mike Becker has been using LinkedIn to attract and convert leads into customers on autopilot, and for the first time ever you can, too. The LinkedIn Agency Playbook it’s the fastest way to land deep-pocketed dream clients you love to work with. It combines smart client-getting hacks… with a sales-closing presentation “boomerang” that delivers massive value. What's more, it contains implementable, counter-intuitive strategies that will give your agency everything you need to install your own LinkedIn “push button” prospecting system... …one that’s so simple to use and works for any agency, even if you’re just starting up and don’t have any clients… …or are so busy juggling the tasks of running a small business, you don’t have time to find acquire new business. The playbook also includes the following bonuses: - Agency Client Avatar Workbook - Secret LinkedIn SpyAd Formula - LinkedIn Messaging Sequence Template - LinkedIn Editorial Calendar - Agency Prospect Tracker - Agency LinkedIn ROI Calculator - Webinar Registration Page Template - Webinar Thank You Page Template - Webinar Autoresponder Sequence Template - Webinar Slide Deck Template - Webinar Attendee Giveaway Formula - Webinar Sales Page Template
Ed Holloway@edholloway · AutomatedSky, MaidBooks, Field2Base
@mikedbecker Any value here for companies other than agencies that still want to prospect and sell on Linked In?
Mike BeckerMaker@mikedbecker · Founder at
@edholloway anyone who wants to sell a product or service using LinkedIn...anyone who wants to learn the guiding principles that allow someone to go out and do that...anyone who wants the quick start tools to launch their LinkedIn campaigns in half the time. Not to mention I basically provide everything you need to launch a Free Training Webinar (everything from the landing page scripts to the webinar autoresponder to the actual webinar slide deck template. Everything is scripted to allow anyone to fill in the blanks....if you want to learn more about LinkedIn, read my blog post: "Why LinkedIn Is (Still) The Best Platform For Landing New Clients" at this link:
Ed Holloway@edholloway · AutomatedSky, MaidBooks, Field2Base
@mikedbecker Great, thanks for taking the time to respond. Checking it out!
Brendan Hufford@brendan_hufford
Looking forward to checking this out :) Wish the cover on Amazon was the same as the image here.
Mike BeckerMaker@mikedbecker · Founder at
@brendanhufford GOOD CALL! Thanks for the heads up. I just updated.